The much awaited, King Khan- Sharukh Khan starter, sci-fi flick of Bollywood, Ra-One finally has hit the big screen on 26th oct 2011. This movie was on the buzz and made news for quite a long time.


Striking similarity to the poster of Christopher Nolan’s 2005 movie Batman Begins - | - Iron Mans pose to follow below - In the poster, actor Christian Bale is seen holding an unconscious Katie Holmes in his arms. In Ra.One poster, Shahrukh Khan seen holding Kareena Kapoor in a similar pose

Be it the poster of the movie, that seems hugely inspired by the Hollywood  movie poster,” Batman” or the comparisons drawn to the blue – black, neon  lit suit of Tron legacy!!

It is always seen that the Hollywood movies have always been a big impact or better yet something to look upon and take inspirations from, for the Bollywood industries’. Given the fact that Ra-one is one of the most expensive movie in Indian cinema history, the graphics, special effects departments did aced and raised the bar for movie makers.

As a whole the movie is okay and you can watch it for all your curiosities set by the huge marketing strategies followed by Shahrukh for Ra-One. The story is same old and the plots are simple, except for all mind blowing special effects in the movie. Shah Rukh Khan as he has been claiming that the movie will be of international standards, but as in fact, you can find the traces of some of the world class sci-fi movies and mixtures of all the cool stuffs done in the Hollywood flicks.  Just check the similarities not just in posters but also in between the scenes  of the movie and tell us what you think about it.


Striking similarity to the pose given by Iron Man. Instead of wearing it in the centre, SRK's G.One wears his H.A.R.T on the side. An evident nod to Iron Man and the symbolic power source arc reactor he sports against his chest.



SRK's G.One wears his H.A.R.T on the side, whereas Iron Man wears it in the center - | - Wounded SRK is comforted by Kareena Kapoor, highlighting the injury on his left cheek --bits of peeled skin revealing a blue, LED surface, instantly bring back memories of Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg endoskeleton in Terminator 2



The night-time dive from an enormous skyscraper in Ra.One brings back memories of Batman jumping from the IFC Tower of Hong Kong in a bid to kidnap Chinese mobster Lau - | - The fiery orbs seem akin to Nicholas Cage's wizardry in The Sorcerer's Apprentice - | - blue 'n' black, neon-lit allure of Tron



King Khan somehow tries to imitate IRON MAN. Iron man FANS will not love SRK for this.



The train shot mimics Spider Man - | - THe tossing of vehicles mimics X-men (Where Magneto tosses all the vehicles in his way)


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