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The An-225 “Mriya” (translated from Ukrainian as “dream”) is the heaviest plane ever going aloft. Its maximum takeoff weight amounts to 640 tons. The reason they decided to build such a huge flying vehicle was the necessity to create an air transport system for the project of the Soviet reusable space shuttle “Buran”. By the way, the “Mriya” you see in the picture above is unique, there are no more An-225 planes in the world.

The plane was designed in the USSR and built in 1988 at the Kiev mechanical plant. “Mriya” set a world record for takeoff weight and lifting capacity. On March 22nd, 1989 the An-225 performed a flight with a load of 156,3 tons, having simultaneously broken 110 world records which was a record in itsel.

The dimensions of the An-225 are very impressive – the length of the plane is 84 meters, the height – 18 meters (as tall as a six-storey building).

The “Mriya” stands next to a Boeing. Speaking of the largest Boeing – 747-800, an An-225 is eight meters longer, and its wingspan is twenty meters longer. Compared to an Airbus A380, “Mriya” is eleven meters longer, and its wingspan is nine meters longer.

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