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Jyoti Shrestha is a VJ in Image Channel which is one of the leading TV stations of Nepal. She is bold, sexy and beautiful and has a charismatic way of presenting shows. She has a large pool of fans with huge crowd of guys dying and dreaming to date her one day.

She is a Piscean and has good sense of humor and hopes her future fiancée would also have that attribute that would make her smile all day and throughout life. She is outgoing and loves to wear one piece outfits on dance parties. Its red outfit that turns her on but usually she is found wearing black outfit which perhaps makes others turned on. She loves to shake her body on R & B music. She just feels irritated when guys come with old and outdated pickup line “I think I have seen you before”. Well, so next time when you see her on party or next to you somewhere try saying “May, I cheer you up”, coz that may be the line that might just turn her on. Here is a short profile of this ravishing beauty.

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When do you feel very happy?

– When I am with my mum and when I get to spend some time with my friend Muna.

When do you feel sad?

– When people take me for granted.

When did you start your career as RJ/VJ?

-I started as RJ in the year 2008 and as a VJ in the year 2005.

Which is your first program?

– My first show was Top Ten.

How many programs have you conducted till now?

– Hmm….currently I am doing two shows; Music of your choice and Sms and more.

With whom would you like to go a date?

– I have so many names in my head…actually I can’t decide.

When did you first date?

– I don’t exactly remember.

How many love proposals did you get?

– Well… there were tons and tons of proposals.

How many boyfriends did you have till now?

– lol…. I don’t remember.

What is sex?

– It’s satisfaction.

What concept do you have regarding sex before marriage?

– In my context a big ‘NO’, I believe in saving the virginity for marriage.

How is the present scenario of the Media?

– It’s more updated then before.

How do you take life as?

– Life is full of surprises and unpredictability. Basically it’s how you make it.

What do you like to do in your leisure?

– I like to write poems, read novels and love listening to music.

What do you think about the present scenario of our country?

– It’s so confusing, it just get on my nerves.

What’s your view regarding thikthak.com?

– It’s really doing good, I just wish it to get more better in the coming future.

What suggestion would you like to give to the upcoming RJ/VJ?

– I would suggest them to be determined and they should have interest if they really want to be successful in this fraternity.

What would you like to say to your well-wisher?

– I just want to thank them for giving me their love. I never get enough of their love so, keep loving me this way.

About Jyoti Shrestha(Profile)

Date of Birth: 1987, March 17
Nick name: It’s a secret.
Your Inspiration: My Mother.
First love: Enrique Iglesias
Favorite Nepali Singer: Swaroop Raj Acharya
Favorite Nepali Actor/Actress: Rajesh Hamal
Favorite Model: Santos Giri and off course my brother Kiran
Favorite RJ/VJ: Alok (Hits FM) and Thendup Sherpa (Image FM)
Favorite Nepali Program: Sms and more

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