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There is certainly not a lack of beautiful people in the Glam world of Nepal, so in order to succeed; you need to rely more than just a look, this is where Nisha excels. She is frank, beautiful and of course talented.

Her style, acting and ravishing look has always been the biggest factor for her thriving success in the media hub. She entered in the media as a VJ and later expanded her career in acting. Her seductive look addicts the crowd. Here is short chitchat with this diva of beauty and charm.

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About Nisha Adhikari (Profile)

My loved one calls me :
Nisha, Nanu
4th Oct
I Started as a VJ in:
Jan, 2006
First Program:
9-10 (nine to ten)
Programs engaged in:
3 i.e nine to ten, Indi Min Bag, Countdown Kantipur
I got inspiration from:
Mom, Dad and Brother
Favourite Programs:
News! Different channels.. Musical Programs (Nepali)
Favourite Artist:
So many, Sugam, Narayan, gopal, Ciney grg, Satya, Sworup, Nima Rumba, Nabin.. endless
Favourite Actors:
Maha Jodi. Gauri Malla, Hari…., Tripti, Rajesh Hamal
Favourite Model:
Hmmm, Nepali ma.. Hema, Malvika
First love:
Japanese Animations ( was literally crazy about them )
Dream date:
Brad pitt. Gorge Clooney ( luv his voice!)
Recent & Upcoming Projects:
Couple of music videos, Maybe movies ( not final yet) , Mission Paisa ( Debut Movie) Stated to realese this year.



Whom do you love the most?

My Mom Dad, Dada, Dabbu ( My pet dog) & xxxx so we gotta live it to its fullest with no regrets that we left out so manyu things undone ( common its one)

Can you please tell us about your first date?

Can’t remember… really I can’t.. .. (With a smiling face)

Boyfriends till now:

Do you really think I am going to tell you that (With a smiling face)

Have you proposed someone in your life?

No. I am a girl. What do you except..

Can someone build a career in Media?

Media today is improving; actually it almost booming. In the past ten years it is the only field which has sustained economically. The growing numbers of Nepali channels are the result of it.

Can you please give hints about your future plans?

I haven’t planed for my future, I hope I will know it in future. Actually I wanna work for the UN. I never knew I would be in the media field. So, let’s see what future holds for me.

What is sex in your perspective?

Hmm. (In Nepal’s context it should come only after marriage. . .). So I would say it is the most natural thing: the most adored way for the continuation of human species or for any other species. It is the only way for the continuation of life in the world.

What do have say about Sex before marriage?

Well, looking at our country’s tradition and culture I would say NOOOO..

How would you define a life?

It’s really hard to express in words. I think for me its my moms, dad’s wish & grant ( with laugh, obvious) Well , full of surprises, hurdles, challenges, goodies, happiness, resulting to different experiences, it’s quite a thing. What do you say?

What do you want to do in your Leisure time?

Oh! Just hang out with friends, spend time with family. Read books, T.V. Shopping.

Have you thought of doing something different apart from RJing/ VJing ?

Well media is quite a package; I have acted in a movie recently. That makes me an actor I guess!

What makes your really happy?

I get happy when things work out according to my plan. The other thing that always brings big smile on my face is when I do shoping, shopping & shoppppppppping

It seem like you have found lots of ways to keep yourself happy, is there anything that makes you unhappy?

Of course when my loved ones suffer, it’s not just dukha it becomes mega dukha

Do you have any suggestion for the people who are dreaming to make their career in RJ / VJ?

You should really know how to talk correctly according to the situations thrown at you. For that you need to read a lot as it’s the only way to fuel yourself with knowledge and confidence. Be passionate about it. At the end of day you got to be Jack of all, Master of RJing / VJing

Is there anything to say? .

Anyway.. Lets be optimistic, no matter what.

Any words you want to express for your fans?

Thanks, it’s nice they reciprocate & reflect the hard work we do in various ways like through compliments & comments. Thank you a lot for your appreciation, support and comments.

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