IEC Designer Contest 2012

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Rajab Shrestha, Sooraz Shrestha, Ram Gurung, Ravi Shrestha

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IEC Designer Contest 2012


Hotel Pokhara Grande, Pokhara


IEC School of Art and Fashion, rooting in Pokhara for almost six years now and still running as the first institute to train and produce a line of fashion designers in the country, has been organizing fashion shows and fashion competitions every year. As fashion is big part in their DNA, for the first time in Pokhra, IEC School of Art and Fashion, has organized a designer contest with support of Manakamana Darshan Pvt. Ltd and Upama Nepal Developers Pvt. Ltd, to name few, to discover the fresh talent and this year’s best designer.

“The ultimate challenge for the student designers are to showcase their creativity and let the cloth they create speak up for the theme they have been given. It is not a fashion show but a platform to our students to prove their talent, their capability, how they present it and their creativity skills,” says Mrs. Saraswati Gurung, the Managing Director of IEC, whom we had a short conversation about this upcoming event.

With about 100 of students participating who have been studying in the IEC centers across the country, it is one of the huge and remarkable events for the host and the students as well. We did a round of questions to few designer students who are participating in the contest. The air of competition seems to fill the environment but the students have been bracing the contest with much buoyancy and keeping the authenticity of the contest at its best.

“This is our first time in the contest and it’s exhilarating and we are equally nervous,” says Miss. Ashika Chand and Miss. Renu Shrestha, who are one of those participants in this designer contest. A fashion enthusiast and a participant, Miss. Somati Gurung aspires to be one of the top designers in future. With themes being kept as a suprise, when asked another participant Mr. Indra Pun about his creation, he too kept the theme hush-hush, “We all have been given themes and I want to create something new and different and win this contest,” smiles Mr. Pun.

“It’s a privilege to work with designers and being associated with IEC from the beginning, I’m giving my best to showcase the creativity of our designers in a most expressive and effective way, a choreographer can ever present,” says our senior choreographer of the show, Mr. Ashish Shrestha, who is also a Station Manager in the Radio Bahari 99.2 Mhz. He has a history of choreographing most of the major shows in Pokhara and this time, he is looking for a picture perfect show for the IEC designer contest. He adds,” this time we are specially focusing on the models posture, walking variations and little of a expression to match with the theme all the designers has been given.”

On 12th Chaitra 2068, all the participant will come together to show the highest expression of creativity through clothes they create, in Pokhara Grande, where the event is scheduled to take place. The designers with the most original creation will win the contest judged by a panel of judge set for the competition.

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IEC Designer Contest 2012

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