Stand Up Paddle Board in Pokhara

04 June of 2014 by

SUP – Stand Up Paddle ‘Boarding’ is a new adventure in Pokhara. It is reffered as Standup Paddleboarding.

SUPs enable surfers to paddle farther into the water.

Stand up paddlers wear a variety of wet suits and other clothing, depending on both water and air temperature since most of their time is spent standing on the board.

A related, traditional sport, paddleboarding, is done kneeling on a board and paddling with the hands, similar to a butterfly swimming stroke.

Please be noted that life jackets are needed for the ones who don’t know how to swim. SUP itself is not a life saving device so tuck in your life jackets and have fun this summer in Fewa Lake (Pokhara)

If you want this adventure - It will cost you NRs 700 per hour. However you have an option of renting it in a half day and a full day basis too


What is your view for the price of renting SUP Board at NRs 700 per hour?

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