Gallery: Standup Comedy with Manoj Gajurel


Sankalpa Luintel


Melbourne, Australia

Manoj Gajurel is a comedian stage artist since ten years. He has published 7 humor audio cassettes like ‘Khando’, ‘Tapartuiya’ and so on. He is also a columnist in youth magazine ‘NawaYuwa’. He is a Producer of ‘Ramailo Sangrila’ in NTV Day transmission. Finally, he is a fully involved program producer in Radio Sagarmatha for ‘Jire Khorsani’ and ‘Kahi NaVayako Jaatra’. His aim is to be a multi-media person.

His best line is : Manoj Gajurels’s Comedy is For Fun, Peace and Progress.

We present you his stage show in Melbourne, Australia. Now he is headed for Perth for his next stage show. If you want updates from him, you can of course like is fanpage in

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