Januka Gurung

Januka Gurung is a bubbly and a very cute girl with a face, you would love to see now and again. She hails from Pokhara and right now is studying alongside her modeling carrier in Nepal.  She is a promising figure in the modeling  field in Nepal.  For all her fans and well-wishers here is a sneak peek of Januka Gurung’s own little world.

What aspired you to come to this modeling field?

Lots of friends told me that I’ve a pretty face, so they advised me to try out in this modeling world. And moreover, I personally wanted to give modeling a shot.

Do you wish to continue modeling in future too?

Yes, I want to continue my modeling carrier alongside with my other priorities, i.e studies and my other carrier.

What concept of modeling world did appealed you the most? Is it the fame and money related to it?

I love the glamour part of this job. The beauty in it appeals me. It is a stairway for me to earn  much fame and respect too.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like going out with friends and surfing the net.

What’s your current relationship status?

I’m single. *Laughs*

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No, I don’t!! LOL

What are the things that make you happy?

I’m happy when I get to spend times with ma girls and cake (esp. Black forest) gives me a happy appetite.  Hahahhaha

What are the turn offs in a guy?

I don’t like guys who drinks alcohol, I hate seeing guys badly dressed, dirty and all messed up. Guys with body odor are a big no-no!! LOL

You have a pretty face there to have fans and well-wishers following you. Any messages?

I will give all my best effort so that I can satisfy all your hopes. So please keep on supporting me and show your love so that I can do my best. Thank you.


Name: Januka Gurung
Age: 17 yrs
Hobby: Sketching, hanging out with friends, shopping, visiting new places etc.


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