Pokhara Event Management Organization – PEMO

is a blooming organization promoting the models and giving platforms to the new faces and talents from Pokhara. It organizes many events and shows in the town and constantly works on providing chances and help building a career for the ones who are interested in the glamorous world of fashion. Here we caught up with Mr. Amber Subedi, representative from management, to help us explore this organization.

What kind of organization is this?

Basically, our organization provides a platform for the amateurs who are interested in the modeling career.

As for the event management, what are the past works and the future events, under this organization?

We have organized series of independent fashion shows and some shows in the beauty contests too. We have organized, ‘Style Fashion Night’ and numbers of our crew members have had the opportunities to work in music videos and a drama in Kantipur Television, ‘Kilo Tango Mike’. And as for the future, we are in initial talks for some fashion shows.

What are the scopes and opportunities for the models in Pokhara?

There are many opportunities for the models in Pokhara. You can opt for different options inside the modeling world. From runway fashion to music videos, photo shoots for advertisements to acting in movies, you name it.

Entering a fashion world is more of a taboo considered in a society in Pokhara. What do you think are the obstacles faced?

As we speak of taboo, glamorous world of fashion is still not fully acceptable in the society. People making it a career has to struggle, extra hard for being gracefully accepted in social peripheral. Lots of families don’t accept or give encouragements, people tend to raid you under social bars and so. There are lots of obstacles you’ve to face, but you just have to stay strong and believe in yourself.

What are the requirements to become a model?

As of now, we’ve not set bars, but it totally depends under which area of modeling you being proceeding. Like for runway shows, models are expected to have a nice height, good postures, ramp-walking skills. For photo shoots and advertisements, music videos, they should have good expressions, some acting skills, talents, and as a model it is important to have self confidence.

What is glamour to you and to what extent should a model pose?

For me, the way you express your personality through you expressions, is glamour. And as for the limitations for poses, it depends to the scenarios, the kind of project a model is working and what our works demands. But we work best not to hamper any social


Can we have the statistics regarding the numbers of models, managed under your agency?

There are around 15 – 20 models, equal no. of male and female, we’ve been currently managing.

Interviewed by: Sukan Gurung

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Ravi Shrestha, Sanjay Rai, Amrit Gurung, Prakash Gurung & Binita Gurung

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