Nishma Shrestha Miss Newa 1133 Contestant

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This ravishing beauty came into limelight after she appeared in Miss Newa 1133. Her photograph which was clicked during a photo session of Miss Newa become one of the most liked photograph of She has a very adorable smile that could captivate anyone’s attention and this photograph is an experiment to see if she can do the same charm without putting a smile.

She is still single and believes in women empowerment but also think, empowerment doesn’t come by itself as one has fight for it. The fight mightn’t be in terms of bloodshed, begging or violence but in terms of a financial Independence that comes from hard work. With that on mind, she is very focused on her studies to become a very successful computer engineer and doesn’t want entertain herself with glam factor of today as she believes on the philosophy that we work hard today to shape the future of tomorrow.

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