Valentine Special – Suraj n Saya

10 February of 2013 by

February, reputed as a month of romance begins and Saint Valentine’s Day, 14th February, mostly known as Valentine’s Day is inching closer. With the smell of roses and love in the air, love bugs start celebrating the day prior a week with different days standing for different sentiment and for those who follow the occasion and want to make the most of it, February 8 is Rose day, followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy bear day, hug day, kiss day and finally Valentine’s on February 14.

It is a perfect day for anyone to express their love and make the love of their life happy. This day is all about love and spreading love. So romance your mood with these Valentine’s Day special pictures and don’t miss out the occasion to express your love to that special one.  It’s never too late to show love. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Suraj Buddhacharya & Saya Gurung


Sooraz Shrestha, Ram Gurung & Ravi Shrestha

Dress Designer:

Soniz Gurung


Forest & Aagan, Newroad

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Suraj Buddhacharya



Valentine Special – Suraj n Saya

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